Welcome to Langley Fitzurse School

School Ethos and Values

At Langley Fitzurse Church of England Primary School, we are committed in our aims to 'amaze, excite and inspire' and become an outstanding church school at the heart of the community

Our staff and governors believe that we have responsibility to develop the unique qualities and potential of every child, and meet the needs of all children.  We strive to create a secure and stimulating environment where children are encouraged to: try new things, work their hardest, express their feelings and beliefs, understand others, explore the wonders of God's world and to never give up.

An important part of fulfilling this is a strong partnership between home and school and we encourage the school community to share our children's achievements and ambitions with us.

This Week's Menus

 Mon 24/11 Sweet & Sour Chicken  (M)Macaroni Cheese (V)
 Tue 25/11Sausage & Onion (M)Cheese & Tomato Pizza (V)
 Wed 26/11Roast Beef (M)Roasted Vegetable Curry ( V)
 Thu 27/11 Baked Salmon (M)           Vegetable Lasagne (V)
 Fri28/11 Fish Fingers (M)Cheese & Tomato Flan (V)

School Calendar

How to find us

Langley Fitzurse school is at the heart of Kington Langley, between Chippenham and the M4, conveniently placed in a safe and rural setting

Langley Fitzurse C of E Primary School